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List of Safety Devices Available on a Ship




List of Safety Devices Available on a Ship

Safety on a ship is a priority for everyone in the maritime industry, as such it is planned for in the design and construction of a vessel. There are safety devices fitted onboard a vessel to detect issues.

Here's a list of safety devices available on a ship and their locations:

Safety Devices on Main Engine:

  • Main bearing temperature sensors and alarms
  • Lubrication Oil return line temperature sensors and alarm
  • Oil mist detectors
  • Scavenge air temperature sensors and alarms
  • High exhaust temperature sensors and alarms
  • High Fresh Water (FW) temperature sensors and alarms
  • Low lubrication oil pressure alarms
  • Low FW pressure alarms
  • Turning gear interlock
  • Over-speed trip
  • Emergency manual trip
  • Micro-computerized control safety panel for automatic slow down or shut down arrangements
  • Relief valves on:
    • Cylinder heads
    • Crankcase
    • Scavenge trunk
    • Start air line
    • Fuel pump system
  • Cylinder lubricator failure alarms
  • Cylinder oils no-flow alarms
  • Camshaft lubrication oil low pressure trip
  • Cross-head bearing temperature proximity type sensors and alarm on two-stroke engine
  • Piston cooling low pressure trip

Safety Devices on Steering Gear:

  • Overload alarm
  • Low oil level alarm on each power unit reservoir tanks
  • Fixed oil storage system
  • Power failure alarm
  • Relief valve in power unit hydraulic system and telemotor unit hydraulic system

Safety Devices on Main Air Compressor:

  • Fusible plugs on inter-coolers
  • Bursting disc on after-cooler
  • Automatic moisture drain valve
  • Relief valves on both LP and HP stages or IP stages
  • No cooling water supply system
  • Low lubrication oil pressure alarm
  • Relief valve in the crankcase lubrication oil pump
  • Delivery air high temperature alarm on after-cooler outlet

Safety Devices on Main Air Bottle:

  • Fusible plugs
  • Pressure relief valve

Electrical Heaters:

  • Safety devices on Fuel Oil (FO) & Lube Oil (LO) heaters being high temperature cut-out switches which switches off the electrical supply
  • Temperature sensors and automatic switching devices.

Safety Devices on Main Switchboard:

  • Over-current relay
  • Short circuit relay
  • Preferential trips
  • Reverse power relay


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