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Ulstein celebrates a century of innovation




Ulstein celebrates a century of innovation
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Ulstein, Norwegian shipbuilder, designer and systems supplier, is celebrating its one hundred years of operation in the maritime industry.

The family-owned company which celebrates "A Century of innovation" was established in Ulsteinvik, Norway on 9 August 1917.

Ulstein said it has "spent the last 100 years looking to the future" evolving through "innovation, pioneering trailblazing solutions that set new industry standards."

The company said “We’re proud that our first 100 years have had so many defining moments, for ourselves and the industry, and, through a combination of delivering future-ready products and services, expect the next 100 to hold many more.

“We’ve come a long way from that small workshop in Ulsteinvik,” they conclude, “but our focus now is on where we’re going. And where, with the right blend of experience and industry insight, we can take our customers in the future.”

Ulstein celebrates a century of innovation

The evolution of Ulstein company through the year 1917-2017

1917 – The formation of Ulstein mek. Verksted by Martin Ulstein and Andreas Flø

1924 – Ulstein becomes an agent for Rapp engines – an early start-up of equipment package deliveries

1957 – Ulstein agrees to collaborate with Volvo Penta to supply equipment packages. The company builds its first steel hulled vessel, car ferry Torulf

1965 - The production company Ulstein Propeller is established

1969 – Oil is discovered on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

1974 – Ulstein builds its first offshore vessels specially designed for the harsh North Sea environment, UT704/UT705.

1980 – Develops the ‘VROS’ rotating, retractable thruster

1983 -  Acquires Peilo Teknikk A/S, a specialist in radio location equipment and electronics. Name changes to Ulstein Marine Electronics A/S

1985 – Largest single corporate acquisition, buying BMV-group – a move that effectively doubles the number of employees. With this agreement, Ulstein became one of the world’s largest producers of ship equipment and design

1991 - Acquires Tenfjord A/S, producer of control machinery. Name changes to Ulstein Tenfjord A/S

1992 – Acquires Hydraulik Brattvaag, winch production, changing name to Ulstein Brattvaag

1998 - Acquisition of USA-based propeller production business Bird-Johnson

1997 – Ulstein Group listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange

1999 – Vickers/Rolls-Royce acquires 90% of the group. Ulstein continues to build ships

2000 – Ulstein Design established to develop a new design portfolio

2002 – Launch of first vessel from the new Ulstein, the multifunctional anchor handling vessel ‘Olympic Hercules’

2005 – Official launch of X–BOW®, and announcing the first shipbuilding contract on an X-BOW® vessel

2014 – Introduction of X-STERN® aft hull design, a further development of the X-BOW®

2015 – Ulstein marks the 100th contract of the revolutionary X–BOW® design

2017 – Shipbuilding contract for world’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel

2017 – Breakthrough of Ulstein designed cruise vessels

2017 – Ulstein delighted to celebrate its 100th anniversary.



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