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Storm-Battered Port of Durban Now Cleared for Navigation




Storm-Battered Port of Durban Now Cleared for Navigation
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Transnet Port Terminals

Transnet National Ports Authority have declared all navigable areas of the Port of Durban completely safe for navigation following the battering by mega-storm on 10th October.

Port authority made the announcement after concluding on its sounding surveys which revealed that the navigation channels are free from obstacles that might pose a danger to vessel traffic.

The sounding surveys were conducted by TNPA Dredging Services division, divers and drones.

“TNPA’s focus still remains on continuing with the implementation of the recovery operations and supporting terminal operators to restore normality,” TNPA said.

Operations to marine traffic was suspended at the port of Durban as a mega storm grounded several vessels and broke some from their moorings, including one containership that drifted into the mouth of the port, blocking its entrance.

The Port of Durban is South Africa’s premier multi-cargo port and is counted among the busiest ports in Africa, handling over 80 million tons of cargo each year.




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