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Roll Group to Continue BigRoll with Remaining Two Vessels




Roll Group to Continue BigRoll with Remaining Two Vessels
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Roll Group has confirmed the decision to part ways with its partner Biglift in the BigRoll joint venture saying BigRoll will continue as part of Roll Group with the remaining two vessels.

The vessels that will remain with Roll Group from the joint venture are module carriers: BigRoll Bering and Bigroll Beaufort

The company said "BigRoll will continue with the two vessels, BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort. And we will continue to fulfill our client’s needs".

Biglift announced last week that the joint venture cooperation will be fully dissolved by January 1st, 2018. According to Biflift, ongoing contracts and tenders of BigRoll Shipping will still be executed by both firms.

The reason for the decision has not been disclosed by neither company.

BigRoll Shipping joint venture was formed in May 2013, when the duo announced the construction of two MC-Class Module Carriers for the transportation of ultra large and heavy modular cargoes by sea.

BigRoll concentrates on the offshore and onshore oil and gas and renewables markets, power generation, container cranes and shipyard industries. The JV’s fleet comprised four vessels BigRoll Barentsz, BigRoll Bering, BigRoll Baffin and BigRoll Beaufort, with the final one yet to be delivered from the shipyard.

The two heavy transport vessels renamed BigLift Barentsz and BigLift Baffin, will be added to the BigLift’s fleet by early next year.


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