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Port of Durban Resumes Operations after Disruptions Caused by Storm




Port of Durban Resumes Operations after Disruptions Caused by Storm
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The Port of Durban have reportedly resumed operations after disruptions caused by a severe storm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 that resulted in grounding of about three vessels.

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) revealed on October 11, that 80% of the navigable area of the port is safe for marine operations. TNPA said that it has launched operations in channels that are clear from obstruction, in the interest of ensuring safe navigation of vessels.

Shulami Qalinge, TNPA Chief Executive said “We are extremely appreciative of the excellent collaboration between TNPA and various stakeholders who acted quickly and efficiently to partially restore normality at the port. Our immediate focus is to continue with the implementation of the recovery operations,”.

The operations are partially restored because results of the sounding surveys conducted earlier shows that there is some obstruction on the seabed that could pose a risk to navigation.

Port teams will remain on scene and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is planned to remain in place until TNPA has restored normality at the Port of Durban.

Port Management said Durban marine operations are anticipated to resume by midday Thursday, October 12, pending the outcome of the sounding surveys.

A severe storm hit Durban on Tuesday grounding three vessels and breaking free several others from its moorings. South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) said informed that MSC’s 9,113-TEU containership MSC Ines was one of five container vessels affected by the storm.

MSC Susanna and Maritime Newanda broke moorings and were held back by harbor tugs to prevent them from running aground.

Sobantu Tilayi, Chief Operating Officer for SAMSA said there were about three containers believed to have been lost into the water with the exact position unknown, and they pose a danger to navigation within the vicinity.



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