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Erma First Receives USCG Approval for BWTS Technology




Erma First Receives USCG Approval for BWTS Technology
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Manufacturer of ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), Erma First has received the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Type Approval for its full flow electrolysis BWTS on Wednesday, October 18th 2017.

The company is reportedly the first full flow electrolysis BWTS vendor worldwide to receive the USCG approval. It filed the application in April 2017.

“With the Convention ratified and entered into force last September and the USCG BWM implementation in place, the installation of a Ballast Water Treatment System is essential for the protection of the marine environment from invasive species. ERMA FIRST proves its leading position in the Ballast Water Treatment Industry both in the New Building and retrofit markets and its capability to undertake and successfully complete challenging projects such as obtaining the Type Approval by the USCG”  Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director of Erma First, said.

ERMA FIRST successfully tested the system at three water salinities in Morocco, Spain, Netherlands, France, New York and Savannah for a period of about 30 Months ending in autumn 2016. the ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT technology was endorsed with the application for the USCG type Approval in May 2017.

“The units used during the USCG Type Approval process have remained identical since we started. Moreover, no modifications were made to the units already delivered to clients nor will be made to those to follow,” Helen Polychronopoulou, Business Development Manager of Erma First, said.


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