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DIS launches 1st LR1 vessels




DIS launches 1st LR1 vessels

Milan-based company, d’Amico International Shipping (DIS) has launched the first three LR1 (long-range) vessels in its history, at the Hyundai Vinashin shipyard in Vietnam.

The company which specializes in the transport of refined petroleum products and vegetable oils invested USD 131 million in the construction of the three 75,000-tonne ships.

DIS said that the LR1 vessels are ecologically friendly, can transport more cargo per voyage and are able to cross the expanded Panama Canal. The ships’ innovative hull design and energy-efficient engine will ensure daily fuel savings, meeting in advance the 2020 international standards.

The three LR1 oil/product tankers named Cielo Bianco, Cielo Rosso and Cielo di Rotterdam increases the total number of ships built by the d'Amico Group in Vietnam within the last three years to thirteen, bringing the completion of the company’s plan of building 22 new ships over one half.

The full investment in the new ships is expected to cost DIS some USD 755 million.

DIS launches 1st LR1 vessels
DIS launches 1st LR1 vessels

Paolo d’Amico, Chairman of d’Amico International Shipping said “Vietnam is becoming the shipbuilding hub of our fleet,”.

“Our partnership with Hyundai Vinashin allows us to work in close cooperation with the yard, adopting innovative choices to build vessels with outstanding quality, versatility and the energy-efficiency requested by our customers, including oil majors.”

The company informed that two of the launched three ships will be delivered by the end of 2017 while the remaining one will be delivered in early 2018.

DIS’ fleet currently consists of 55.5 double-hull tankers, of which 26 are owned, 26.5 are chartered-in and 3 bareboat chartered-in. The fleet’s average age is 7.8 years, below the 10 years market average for similar vessels.

Three more LR1s vessels are expected by d'Amico International Shipping in 2018.



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