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Body of Missing Man from Louisiana Rig Explosion Found




Body of Missing Man from Louisiana Rig Explosion Found
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Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

The body of a man reportedly missing after an oil platform explosion in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana on October 15 has been found by the Authorities.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office announced that the body of the 44-year-old man, Timothy Morrison, was recovered on the lake’s shoreline in Jefferson Parish on October 20.

When the incident occurred on October 15th, the United States Coast Guard launched a search and rescue operation for the missing man but later suspended the search on October 16th. Jefferson Parish Authorities, however continued their search efforts until the body was spotted from a helicopter on Friday.

Eight workers were on the oil platform - operated by Clovelly Oil Co. - reportedly conducting cleaning tasks on the platform's pipes when the explosion occurred.

Investigation is ongoing to determine the real cause of the explosion.




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