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How to Start and Stop Marine Generators on a Ship




How to start and stop marine generators on a ship

Generators are the life-line of a vessel and as such regarded as the heart of the ship. It requires special care and maintenance for effectiveness and efficiency.

Operating generators onboard are quite different from what we are familiar with in the society. To start a marine generator, there are generic checks required to be carried out by the engineers to ensure smooth cranking and effective running of the engines.

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Procedure for starting marine generators on a ship:

Starting a marine generator can be done manually and automatically. To start the generator automatically, compressed air which can be obtained from the air bottle is required to crank the engine.

To start the generator automatically during the maneuvering process or in restricted areas:

  1. Go to the computer based Power Management System (PMS)
  2. On the generator page, click start
  3. The automated system will crank the engine, match the voltage and frequency of the incoming generator and engage the load by itself.

How to start marine generators manually:

Manual starting is required when compressed air is not available, blackout condition or a dead ship condition

  1. Conduct the necessary checks before starting a marine generator
  2. Adjust the control to local position
  3. Start the generator locally.
  4. Run the generator on zero or no load condition for about 5 minutes.
  5. Change the generator control to remote mode.
  6. The remote mode will check the voltage and frequency parameters and engage the generator on load automatically.
  7. If the generator doesn’t load automatically, go to the generator panel in Engine control room and check the parameters.
  8. Synchronize the incoming generator with other running generators before paralleling it.
  9. Conduct necessary checks while running marine generators.

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Procedure for stopping marine generators on a ship:

Automatic Procedure for stopping Marine generators:

To stop the generator automatically,

  1. Go to the PMS system press the stop button.
  2. The load is gradually reduced by the PMS
  3. The generator stops.

Due to safety devices on the system to prevent total blackout, this process works when two or more generators are running.

Manual Procedure for stopping Marine generators:

  1. Put the generator off load from the generator panel in the Engine control room by:
    • Reducing the load gradually with the governor control on the panel.
    • Adjusting the governor until the load goes below 100 kw.
    • When the load is below 100kw, press the breaker and the generator will be taken off-load.
  2. Run the generator for 5 minutes in idle condition
  3. Press the stop button on the panel.
  4. The generator stops.



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