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12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have




12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Learning new things and staying informed on latest industrial trend has never been easy as it is now. In this information age, Smartphone, Tablet and Wearable devices now play a critical role in the way we communicate, plan, and record things in our day-to-day lives.

Seafarers are not exempted from the applications and benefit of this modern tools. There are basic free and premium android and ios apps that could ease things for seafarers while on a voyage and ashore.

Here is a list of 12 Free Mobile Apps every Seafarer should have.

  1. Equasis
  2. Cargo Handbook
  3. Maritime World Ports
  4. Duolingo
  5. ITF Seafarers
  6. Fitbit
  7. ITF Shore Leave
  8. Anti-shipping Activity Message App (ASAM)
  9. Currency Converter
  10. Translator
  11. ISM & ISPS Checklist
  12. OneNote


1. Equasis – learn about any ship and shipping company

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Equasis provides information on all sea-going merchant ships with Gross tonnage of 100 and above and the shipping company that manages them.

The Equasis database is public and accessible free of charge with an android and ios mobile apps. The information is provided by more than 45 different data-providers in the maritime industry and the public sector.

There are currently five Port State Control regimes that provide information to Equasis: Paris MoU (European continent plus Canada and part of Russia), Tokyo MoU (Pacific and Asia), US Coast Guards, Indian Ocean MoU and the Viña del Mar agreement (Latin America).

Equasis is a non-profit and public-driven international organization that promotes quality shipping and maritime safety through transparency and free access to the relevant information.

Click to download on Android here and ios here.

2. Cargo Handbook – guidelines on safe cargo handling

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Cargo Handbook provides guidelines on safe cargo handling and transportation requirements for more than 800 commodities. It is reportedly the largest database for cargo transportation in the marine industry.

The App made by BMT surveys also provides information on shipment and storage requirements including optimum temperature/humidity and moisture and risk factors associated with the particular product.

Click to download on Android and iOS here.

3. Maritime World Ports App- know more about all the ports in the world

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

With this app, you can learn about all the ports in the world by country. It provides a comprehensive database of all the shipping ports in the world.

Port information such as harbor characteristics by size and type, water depth, port website, types of cranes available, etc can be easily accessed with the app.

Click to download on Android here and iOS here.

4. Duolingo - Explore other cultures and languages

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

A career in the maritime sector implies seeing the world and interacting with people of diverse cultures and language. Speaking many international languages or little knowledge of the basic daily phrases could make a lot more difference in blending in and also achievement in the career.

Duolingo is the perfect tool for learning new international language for seafarers. It has a “tree” of skills in which the user goes from one challenge to the next completely for free.

In addition to aiding communication, learning a new language has other benefits for seafarers. Learn more.

What are you waiting for? download the app and learn a new language today.

Available on iPhone, Android and Windows.

5. ITF Seafarers App - ITF helpline for mariners

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

This app is from the International Transport Workers' Federation. It provides seafarers with vessel information, contact details for ITF inspectors/affiliates and the ITF Helpline.

The data is culled directly from ITF’s centralized database and is always up-to-date.

Download ITF Seafarers App for iOS and Android here.

6. Fitbit App - keep track of your health status

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Sailing has its luxuries and one of it is having good meal readily available. If you are not conscious of your diet, you may get obese. It is necessary to monitor your health information as well as exercise regularly.

The free Fitbit app is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales although it can do few things on its own without the tracker such as count calories, log your weight, and record blood pressure and glucose levels.

Download Fitbit app for Android

7. ITF Shore Leave – Learn about new environment easily

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Know the nearest inns, clubs, reliable transport options at any port you sail to. This app helps seafarers get familiar with the environment in any new country you sail to.

This app is extremely useful app for seafarers visiting new countries and ports. It is accessible offline, anywhere, anytime.

Download Shore Leave for Android

8. Anti-shipping Activity Message App (ASAM) - Stay safe from hostile zone

This app gives seafarers the precise geographical locations of different hostile activities such as piracy, robbery, kidnapping, hijacking – against maritime ships and crews.

Built by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, information from the app service can be cached or stored for offline access without internet connection.

9. Currency converter - Make foreign transaction with convenience

Due to the global nature of sea trade, foreign exchange is key. Having a currency converter app implies being ahead of your game in business transaction.  

As the voyage takes you round the world, you'll find this app useful in making payment and purchases in foreign land.

10. Translator

12 Free Mobile Apps Every Seafarer Should Have

Available iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile

11. ISM & ISPS Pocket Checklist

To avoid ship detention by Port State Control, this app provides a checklist on the basic requirements for safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, and avoidance of damage to the environment and properly.

This app educates mariners on the various ISM and ISPS conventions.

Download Android

12. OneNote

Experience should be recorded either as a reference or guide for others to learn from. OneNote is a great tool in recording every moment. You can record text, image, audio, video, etc and have it synchronize to the cloud server whenever you hit internet.

Available for Pc, Tablet, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

This is not an exhaustive list. I'm sure there are apps you use daily that isn't mentioned here. Kindly share in the comment section below.

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