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10 common mistakes to avoid while going on a cruise vacation




10 common mistakes to avoid while going on a cruise vacation

Cruises offers exceptional vacation experience worth spending on. Your payment covers almost everything you'll wish for: fantastic voyage, nice accommodations, good meals, entertainment, alcohol and soft drinks, shore tours, onboard spending credits, etc.

Your vacation may not go so well if not well planned and prepared for. Here are 10 common mistakes you should avoid while going on a cruise vacation.

1. Arriving late at the port: If the ship is scheduled to leave port at 16:00hrs, you should ensure you are ready boarded otherwise you'll be left behind. The captain isn't going to wait for you. If you are left behind, you'll have to choose between paying your fare to the next port or cancelling your vacation.
Plan to be at the port 1-2hrs before scheduled time of departure. This will help if you run into  traffic or have vehicle breakdown as well as give you some time to settle or shop before departure.

2. Not having a travel insurance while cruising: It is recommended you get proper travel insurance before cruising. Most travel insurance covers travel delays, interruptions, cancellations and medicals - although medicals may be limited to your country of residence.

3. Lying about your health on your medical form: Before boarding a cruiser vessel, you will be required to fill a medical form indicating your allergies and certain symptoms that you have had within the last 48-72 hours.  Lying about any of the requested information is putting your life and that of other passengers at risk.

10 common mistakes to avoid while going on a cruise vacation

4. Jumping queue: Nobody likes queuing especially while on the move to have fun. Jumping queue isn't nice and respectful.

5. Getting drunk: No one enjoys the company of an obnoxious drunk.

6. Rushing into elevators without first allowing other passengers out: This is about having respect for your fellow passengers.

7. Leaving your data roaming on: Unless you have the need to use data connection continually, keeping your data roaming on will incur huge charges from your service provider. Switching your phone mode to airplane mode will save you unnecessary charges.

8. Keeping your curtains open while docking at port: It's more likely your ship will be docked directly across the pier from another cruise ship. If your curtains are open, passengers of the other ship will be able to see through. Always close your curtain especially at port to avoid invasion of privacy.

9. Disrespecting the crew: No one enjoys being treated as a second class citizen. Show some respect and be kind with crew.

10. Booking flights early on disembarkation day: It is recommended not to book flight before noon on disembarkation day.  If ETA is 09:00hrs, the possibility of catching a 10am flight is slim.




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